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Big Reveal: $1.095M for a Two-Bed Adams Morgan Row House

And the winner of this week's PriceSpotter is (drumroll please) jmhDC. Our Curbed reader's guess was $1,099,000, which is only $4,000 away from the actual asking price of $1,095,000. Almost all of the participant's in this week's asking price guessing game were in the right ballpark with the highest guess at $1.5 million. One anonymous guest didn't take a shot at the price, but instead described the listing as "over priced," which isn't too inaccurate as it's way over the $540,000 median listing price in the neighborhood. One tip that should have given our readers a little extra help was that this listing was last sold in June 1, 2015 for $740,000 and was fully renovated thereafter. Inside, you can find two bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, exposed brick, built-ins, and a rooftop deck. Thank you to everyone who participated at this week's PriceSpotter. We look forward to your guesses in the next game!

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