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For $1,400/Month, Rent the Tiniest Home in Washington, D.C.

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Is there a word for a love of everything itty bitty? Claustrophilia maybe? Well, if anyone in Washington, D.C. is looking for a cramped and comfortable place to live, this 252-square-foot single-family home just landed on the Capitol Hill market for $1,400/month.

Measuring 9.5-feet-wide and 28-feet-long, DCist reported that this is the tiniest home in the District. It is only 27-square-feet larger than this Dupont Circle studio, which Curbed believes may be Washington, D.C.'s smallest apartment. In 2009, Wall Street Journal columnist and American two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gene Weingarten took a tour of the home. He wrote that the structure was built around 1920, was once "some sort of shop," and "[stood] out from the other houses on the block like a Barbie doll in a police lineup."

At the time, the rent cost $1,000/month. Despite its small size, the studio features both a front and back yard, a new washer and dryer, recently renovated bathroom, skylight, and security system. Unfortunately, no pets are allowed inside, but it is, according to the listing, "THE SMALLEST TINIEST DINKIEST MOST RIDICULOUS ABSURD MINI-DEMI-PSEUDO-SILLYHOUSE IN WASHINGTON," so maybe that makes up for it.

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