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Fairfax Station Abode Based Off 18th Century Williamsburg Home Asks $925K

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Photo of the James Anderson House rendition in Fairfax Station, Virginia.

As we all know, history likes to repeat itself, but so does architecture as can be seen with the James Anderson House in Williamsburg, Virginia. The structure is so attractive that a single-family home in both Litchfield, Connecticut and Fairfax Station, Virginia were designed to have an identical facade. The original Williamsburg abode was constructed in c. 1770 for the successful blacksmith and public armorer James Anderson. In 1842, the structure burned to the ground only to later be reconstructed in 1934. If interested in living in a replica of the Colonial single-family home, the Fairfax Station listing offers roughly an acre of land, two gas fireplaces, a remodeled master bathroom, and a spacious deck and covered porch. According to the listing, the abode is freshly painted throughout. A few quirks that may or may not appeal to every homebuyer include the indoor swing and the kitchen's checkered flooring. The asking price is $925,000 with $92 monthly HOA dues.

· James Anderson House [William E. Poole Designs]
· 9808 South Park Circle [Estately]
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