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D.C.-Baltimore Bullet Train Closer to Reality With $28M Grant

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Photo of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in front of the Shinkansen bullet train via European Pressphoto Agency

One day, commuters might be able to travel from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore, Maryland in a matter of 15 minutes thanks to a Japanese bullet train, known as the Shinkansen. On Saturday, the U.S. Transportation Department awarded a $27.8 million grant to conduct studies on the Baltimore-to-D.C. line with hopes to make the commuter's dream a reality, reported The Washington Post. The 40-mile line is estimated to cost at least $10 billion with the majority of the funding from both public and private sources. Already, the Japanese government has pledged $5 billion, while the Federal Railroad Administration rejected Maryland's bid for $1.7 billion.

The Japanese government also hopes to build rail lines between Los Angeles and San Francisco, between Washington, D.C. and New York, and between Dallas and Houston. The type of bullet train proposed utilizes magnetic levitation, or maglev, technology. The train doesn't require a driver and is able to go as fast as 603 kilometers per hour.
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