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Hillcrest: What to Know About D.C.'s Southeast Neighborhood

There are over 100 neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. with many unfamiliar to tourists, homebuyers, and even residents. Rather than focus on Dupont Circle or Adams Morgan, it's time to give some attention to the lesser-known neighborhoods in the District. For the first article in the Need-to-Know Nabes series, Curbed will focus on Southeast's Hillcrest, a neighborhood known for its communal, suburban setting. Below, you can expect some quick facts on the neighborhood's housing market, architecture, atmosphere, and what notable residents have lived there.

Because Hillcrest is in the Southeast quadrant (and not Capitol Hill or Navy Yard), you're likely to find some of cheapest prices in the city. When Curbed mapped the 10 cheapest homes on the D.C. market here, most of the homes were near the neighborhood. On Redfin, there are currently four homes on the Hillcrest market. They all range from $367,500 for a three-bed single-family home to roughly $500,000 for a four-bed single-family home. While looking up how the rental market is in the area, you can find a number of units that run as low as $820/month. The median household income in the area is $48,094, while the average is $64,426, reports

According to an article published by real estate blog UrbanTurf in 2011, "Hillcrest feels a little like an island" in how it's filled with tree-lined suburban streets and surrounded by strip malls. The article states that the population is diverse and often hosts block parties and holiday luncheons. Additionally, there are few to no commercial options or restaurant options in the neighborhood. According to this Washington Post article published in 2013, the architectural styles in the neighborhood are similar to what you might find in Cleveland Park, so think Colonial and Tudor single-family homes.

Quite a few commenters on a forum called DC Urban Moms and Dads described the schools in the area as subpar, but the comments were made in 2011, so it's uncertain if their opinions still hold up. Washington Post reported that there are some in the community who are pushing for a high-quality middle school.

If interested in learning about the history of the neighborhood, you can watch this five-and-a-half minute video posted in 2012 with information from community historian/author Jim Byers. In the video, Byers describes Hillcrest as similar to Chevy Chase and Takoma in terms of atmosphere.

Fun fact: Former mayor Marion Barry was a resident of Hillcrest, and Vincent Gray is a current resident.

If you have ever lived in Hillcrest or have any input the Curbed readers should know, be sure to leave a comment.
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