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What You Need to Know About Apartment Review Websites

Searching for an apartment can be both super stressful and super confusing, especially when attempting to get an inside look at what it's really like to live in a residential development through apartment review websites. In a recently published article in The Washington Post, Apartment Detectives founder Nancy Simmons Starrs analyzes ways in which apartment review websites can steer renters in the wrong direction and provides tips on how to read between the lines. In her article, she writes, "Apartment review Web sites can often become forums for frustrated people who may not have a pure motivation to review a property honestly. But there are many reviews that are honest and helpful to potential new tenants." Check out a few highlights from her article below along with the link to the original article.

According to Starrs, when you read reviews on apartment developments, you need to not only consider the source, but consider the motivation as well. Can you tell if the purpose of the review was simply to vent? It might be best then to take that writer with a grain of salt. A few other suggestions Starrs gives include paying attention to how many times a similar negative topic has been commented on and how recently negative reviews have been posted. If interested in checking out all of her handy tips, be sure to check out the Washington Post article here.
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