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15 Must-Have Moving Tips to Make Your Life Easier

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Moving doesn't have to be stressful. This list will help the process be easier than ever with tips and tricks on labeling, packing, and furniture finding. For more tips on moving, be sure to check out these articles by Good Housekeeping, Buzzfeed, and Two Men and a Truck. Have any other tips our readers should know? Let us know in the comments.

1. Have boxes all the same size. That way, it's easier to stack them into your truck or van.

2. Either buy boxes from Staples or Office Depot, or ...

3. Gather some boxes from behind book stores like Barnes & Noble. Those boxes aren't damaged by food like the kind of boxes you might find behind super markets, and they tend to be in good condition.

4. Get a roll of stickers or labels in order to having a labeling system. Green stickers: open the soonest. Yellow stickers: can wait a little longer to open. Red stickers: you can wait the longest to open.

5. Get labels typically used for folders, and write the location for where those boxes should go (e.g., kitchen, bedroom).

6. Give yourself 20 minutes every day to pack or pack one box a day in preparation for the move. That way you're not scrambling at the end and too stressed out.

7. Start packing things from the back of your closet. If there are items you find that you haven't used in a year or so, consider a yard sale.

8. The best wrapping paper to use for breakables is clean newsprint. You should be able to find these at a UPS. It's not that expensive. Also, if you use regular newspaper, the ink might get on your belongings and skin.

9. Save big pillow cases or giant bags in order to throw in linens or last minute items. Ikea bags are ideal.

10. Write a letter or number on each box. In a notebook, write what each item you place in each box. That way, if you're trying to find a certain item in the future, you can use the notebook to easily find any items.

11. In the time until you move, save any packing material you might receive in the mail.

12. In order to save money, use Craigslist to find furniture.

13. Some people might forget that while they need to save up for a down payment or their first few months of rent, they might also need to pay a moving company for their belongings. Be sure to keep that in mind.

14. In case your new abode turns out to be less than you desired, save up enough money just in case you need to move out after only a month or two. Otherwise, if you saved up enough money to move into the new location, but not enough to move out as well, you may have to stay longer than you may want or need to.

15. Once you're done moving, give you and your roommate a trial period (e.g., one or two weeks). After this amount of time, come together and say what has or has not worked in that time and what to do to have fewer clashes in the future.
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