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National Building Museum Will Celebrate Its 35th Anniversary

Since opening in 1980, the National Building Museum has invited its guests to celebrate architecture, design, and construction with exhibitions on everything from stunning photographs of the Washington Monument's post-earthquake restoration to installations that appeal to one's inner child like ball pits and mini golf. To celebrate the National Building Museum's 35th anniversary on December 12, the museum will host giveaways, discount offers, and fun facts throughout the month. On the website, you can find a "Fun Fact Countdown," numbered one through 35 with each fact coinciding with each number. For example, for point 30, the fact is "30 years prior to the Museum's designation in 1980, it was being considered for demolition. It was saved by preservationists." If you have a personal memory or experience you would like to share, visitors are invited to share their tales.
· Let's Celebrate. 35 Days of Giving [National Building Museum]

National Building Museum

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