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Here Are the Most Expensive Real Estate Markets in VA, MD

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Looking for a four-bedroom, two-bedroom home in the D.C. area? It might be best to avoid Maryland as the state tends to have a pricier selection when compared to Virginia. According to Coldwell Banker's 2015 Home Listing Report, the average four-bedroom, two-bedroom home in Maryland costs $349,488, while the average home in Virginia costs $317,336. To create this year's Home Listing Report, Coldwell Banker analyzed data from more than 81,000 similar-sized four-bedroom, two-bedroom homes in over 2,700 real estate markets nationwide. Washington, D.C. was left off of the list, but Virginia and Maryland were included with data on which cities in each state are the priciest of the pricey. For Virginia, Reston/Vienna topped the list with an average price of $641,783, followed by Alexandria and Fairfax in second and third place, respectively. With an average price of $782,300, Bethesda was in first place for Maryland, with Stevensville and Annapolis right behind. In the nation, the most expensive four-bedroom, two-bathroom homes you can find are in Newport Beach, California with an average prize of $2,291,764. If interested in taking a closer look at the data for Virginia, go here. For more data on Maryland, go here.

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