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Jose Andres Countersues Trump; D.C.'s Essential Restaurants

LAWSUITS— Jose Andres countersues Donald Trump after backing out of hotel deal.

COLUMBIA HEIGHTS— Diners weigh in on new Filipino restaurant Bad Saint.

EATER MAPSThese are D.C.'s 38 essential restaurants.

MERRIFIELD— Popular ribs restaurant Oklahoma Joe's is coming to Virginia.

SANDWICHES— Taylor Gourmet releases a special KimchiSteak.

HEATMAPThese are the hottest brunches in D.C. right now.

CAPITOL HILL— The Washington Post critic declares Rose's Luxury his favorite restaurant of the year in his fall dining guide.

SHUFFLES— Pastry chef Chris Ford is leaving Bryan Voltaggio's restaurants.

PENN QUARTER— Old-school San Francisco restaurant Tadich Grill opens in D.C.

EATER MAPSHere are 14 dishes served with a side of drama.