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5 Super Spooky D.C. Area Homes That Deserve to Be Haunted

Is it just us or do these D.C. area homes look super spooky at night? Listed in no particular order, you can check out some of the most haunt-worthy homes on the market in the list below. By describing these abodes as the most deserving of having a ghost tenant, that's not to say that they deserve to languish on the market or even become dilapidated. It's to say that they look pretty rad at night, and they should probably host a Haunted House party one of these days. It's a compliment, obviously. Also, in the case that Curbed does have ghost readers out there, this article should help them find their next home. You're welcome, ghost readers.

Castles are the perfect locations for hauntings, so this castle-looking McLean manse should suit some ghosts' preferences for where they should set up shop next. Also, those spires and pointed roofs really set the tone. All it needs now is an owl that goes "Hoo" at just the right moments and maybe a bat or two that flies out at you when you open the front door.

↑ There aren't too many Midcentury Modern homes known for being haunted, so Curbed nominates this Kent single-family home to be the first. It's also super stylish with floor-to-ceiling windows and a gorgeous backyard, so that's a plus for any ghosts looking for some hot to trot real estate to move into.

↑ The Alexander Memorial Baptist Church was constructed in Georgetown around 1908 and is currently undergoing a conversion that will turn the development into three three-bedroom condos. With such a conversion and such a long history in one of Washington, D.C.'s oldest neighborhoods, there's bound to be at least one ghost in this structure that's pretty PO'd with the construction. Maybe even two ghosts.

↑ In Massachusetts Avenue Heights, you can find this opulent multi-million dollar abode with a backyard spacious enough to have a Yakety Sax session with a psychotic demon ghost thing. According to The Washington Post, the abode has hosted politicians, celebrities, and even the former prime minister of Spain José María Aznar. Obviously, this listing would be perfect to have a party of ghosts wearing old-timey clothes in the family room.

↑ This Travis Price-designed single-family home is located in the woods of Forest Hills. This listing not only perfectly placed in a forest that could easily be the next filming location for The Blair Witch Project, it's also a real estate oddity because it floats. The structure is supported by steel columns anchored by steel rods and never touches the ground. Pretty freaky, huh? More like freaking awesome.
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