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Cocktail Week 2015; D.C.'s Essential Cocktail Bars

VARIOUS LOCATIONS— Guy Fieri is in town and Eater D.C. is on it.

COCKTAIL WEEK 2015Catch up on all of Eater's Cocktail Week coverage right here.

COCKTAIL WEEK 2015These are D.C's top cocktail bars.

COCKTAIL WEEK 2015— Here's where you should be day-drinking on days off (or otherwise).

COCKTAIL WEEK 2015Find out what a Manhattan costs in various places around D.C.

COCKTAIL WEEK 2015Grab a drink at one of D.C.'s great hotel bars.

COCKTAIL WEEK 2015— This is where you can find cocktails under $10.

COCKTAIL WEEK 2015Scenes from Trusty's, one of D.C.'s great dive bars.

COCKTAIL WEEK 2015Learn about uber-trendy Asian whiskey in D.C.

COCKTAIL WEEK 2015— Pick your favorite spirit and find a bar that carries it.

COCKTAIL WEEK 2015— Nick Brown has opened his own version of now-shuttered D.C. bar Hogo in Peru.

RESYWIREDining app Reserve is the latest to target the D.C. market

BLOOMINGDALECrisp Kitchen is bound for Bloomingdale.

EXPANSION WIRE— Todd English is looking around D.C. again.