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Massive 1.1M Sq. Ft. Project Planned in NoMa by Gallaudet, JBG

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A massive new development is being planned along 6th Street NE by Gallaudet University and Washington, D.C.-based developer The JBG Companies that will bring an additional 1.1 million-square-feet or residential, retail, office, and university support space to the area.

The four-phase project will redevelop four parcels of land adjacent to Gallaudet University and Union Market, spanning a total 273,514-square-feet of land area. The first stage will construct 1,800 residential units, 134,830-square-feet of retail, and 63,000-square-feet of office. With designs by architect Morris Adjmi, the project will also include affordable housing for those making less than 80 percent of area median income. There are also plans to connect each of the pedestrian spaces and roadways by DeafSpace principles, which will increase awareness of drivers and pedestrians to each other's presence.

For the university and the developer to begin construction, they will need approval to rezone Parcels 1 and 2 from C-M-1 to C-3-A and rezone Parcels 3 and 4 from C-M-1 to C-3-C. In Parcels 1 and 2, there will be an international design competition launched fall of 2015 to create a new Gateway Plaza with a visitors' pavilion, landmark building, and green spaces.

The four finalists for this competition are London- and Belfast-based Hall McKnight Architects, Boston-based Kennedy & Violich Architecture, Ltd., New York City-based Marvel Architects, and Boston-based MASS Design Group.

The Planned Unit Development, filed as "6th Street Development Project" with the Zoning Commission offers two schemes, each laying out differing plans for how much square footage will be designated for residential, office, retail, and university purposes as well as how many parking spots will be allocated to each parcel of land.

Below, you'll be able to see more renderings, illustrations, and information proposed for each parcel of land.

Before breaking down the plans for each parcel of land, first take a look at how the big picture will look:

Parcel 1:

Parcel 1 is located in the northeast corner of 6th Street NE and Florida Avenue NE at the western edge of the Gallaudet campus. The site currently houses the Appleby Building, which houses the university's transportation facilities. There are plans for a gateway plaza that will link the university and the community.

Scheme A:

Gross Square Footage: 160,260
Residential: 38,890-square-feet, 52 units
Office: 63,280-square-feet
Retail: 13,500-square-feet
University: 44,590-square-feet
Parking Spots: 135 total

Scheme B:

Gross Square Footage: 155,580
Office: 96,580-square-feet
Retail: 14,410-square-feet
University: 44,590-square-feet
Parking Spots: 133 total

Parcel 2:

Parcel 2 is located south of Parcel 1 with the Gallaudet campus to its east. The site currently houses a 290-space, above-grade parking garage used by the university. There are plans for landscaping that will provide a visual link between Union Market and the university.

Scheme A:

Gross Square Footage: 122,085
Residential: 100,190-square-feet, 133 units
Retail: 12,415-square-feet
University: 9,480-square-feet
Parking Spots: 99 total

Scheme B:

Gross Square Footage: 121,875
Residential: 100,190-square-feet, 80 units
Retail: 12,415-square-feet
University: 9,270-square-feet
Parking Spots: 99 total

Parcel 3:

Parcel 3 is located east of 5th Street NE, north of Morse Street NE, west of 6th Street NE, and south of Neal Place NE. The site currently houses a surface parking lot that is used for those who frequent Union Market. This parcel will have an open-air market on its ground floor.

Scheme A:

Gross Square Footage: 679,750
Residential: 625,300-square-feet, 883 units
Retail: 54,450-square-feet
Parking Spots: 52 total

Scheme B:

Gross Square Footage: 656,010
Residential: 421,020-square-feet, 594 units
Office: 182,920-square-feet
Retail: 52,070-square-feet
Parking Spots: 443 total

Parcel 4:

Parcel 4 is located east of 5th Street NE, west of 6th Street NE, and south of Penn Street NE. The site currently houses low-scale industrial warehouses.

Scheme A:

Gross Square Footage: 586,300
Residential: 534,560-square-feet, 755 units
Retail: 54,380-square-feet
Parking Spots: 52 total

Scheme B:

Gross Square Footage: 555,950
Residential: 322,440-square-feet, 455 units
Office: 191,030-square-feet
Retail: 52,980-square-feet
Parking Spots: 395 total

Take a closer look at Schemes A & B below:

Here, some streetscape renderings for the project:

For those wondering about what DeafSpace will entail, see below:

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