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Leather Goods (and Bads): The Great Furniture Debate

Leather furniture is a bit of flashpoint for the decor-obsessed. There are the ethical concerns—leather furniture and other leather goods requires the slaughter of animals for their skins. But whether you're a "vegan leather" supporter or an animal leather purist, the fact remains: leather furniture is just not to the stylistic taste of some. (For the record, the Curbed editors are bitterly divided.) This editor would argue that there are exceptions to every rule: For each chunky, tufted Chesterfield or bloated, baggy leather "couch" from a big-box store, there is an elegant counterpoint to be found in the graceful lines of the Barcelona chair—designed by Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich—or the casual chicness of a leather sling chair.

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