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Washington, D.C. Was Not Chosen For The 2024 Olympics

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The 2024 Summer Olympics in Washington, D.C. is a no go. While Washington was competing with Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston for the U.S. Olympic Committee's bid, it was Boston that got the prize. For now, Boston will compete with international rivals like Rome, Berlin, and Paris for the 2024 Olympics. While Washington didn't get the bid, "All was not lost," said D.C. Mayor Bowser in a public statement.

In Bowser's statement, she said, "We must build on the tremendous regional and federal cooperation embodied in the DC 2024 Olympic bid, in focusing on the big issues facing our region—transportation, affordable housing and expanding job opportunities for residents in the District of Columbia."

For now, bid or not, Bowser is assuring the public that the "big issues" will be addressed.

Regardless of whether or not you're celebrating over the decision, here are some relatively unanimous Twitter responses on Washington not getting the bid:

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