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What $1,300/Month Can Rent You in Washington, D.C.

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Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various Washington, D.C. neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $1,300/month.

↑ This Arlington apartment is pet-friendly and comes with one bedroom and one bathroom. If you're looking for a spacious rooms, this may be the perfect choice for you. With an asking price of $1,260/month, it also comes with stainless steel appliances and a washer and dryer unit.

↑ For $1,299/month, this zero-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment includes a walk-in closet and hardwood flooring. This listing is located in Alexandria and has off-street parking.

↑ In Capitol Heights, you can find this three-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bathroom apartment with walk-in closets and amenities that include a swimming pool and an on-site daycare. The asking price is $1,289/month.

↑ Only a tad over budget, this Silver Spring apartment has an asking price of $1,311/month. With two bedrooms and one-and-a-half bathrooms, it includes a washer and dryer, a balcony, and very colorful accent walls.

↑ Located in the Reston Town Center, this one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment is $1,350/month. This listing has a quirk to it, which is that the washer and dryer units are located in the kitchen. If you're interested in doing your laundry while cooking breakfast, this may be the listing for you. Otherwise, here's our last option for you.

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