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10 Horrifyingly True Real Estate Stories from Curbed Readers

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Last Halloween, we published three horrifyingly true stories from real estate agents. Despite raccoon carcasses and a naked woman, many of our readers found the stories to not be horrifying enough. Because of this, many decided to supply their own stories, definitely one-upping the ones we had. We compiled the 10 best stories from our readers, unedited and untampered with. We're unsure of just how "true" these stories are, but if you're looking for spooky stories to read at night, then these should help keep you up. If you think you can one-up these stories as well, feel free to add your own experiences in the comments.

1. From gillfish:
my wife and i live on land that used to be a civil war main camp in arkansas.we have dozens of graves in our woods.we have lots of pictures and videos of shadow people smokey full bodied people.we can go out in our woods at night and see hundreds of orbs see camp fires that arnt there hear poeple taking and moving around.ive took pictures of the orbs and when you enlarge the pics you can see the faces in every orb.when my kids were little we saw one of their swings swinging wildly while the other was still so they some toys in a bucket and hung it on the swing.the next day they went out to see if any of them moved the bucket was emty they found the toys in diffrent places in the yard .some on the ground some on tables some inside our shead.they left the toys out there and they kept moving till they all were gone.we havnt tried to interact with them.we live happly with the ghost here.they dont mjnd us and we dont mind them.

2. From Susanne:
I am a NYS realtor and was showing a restaurant that was built in the 1700's (George Washington Slept there!) Anyway, I had to go down to the basement and at the top of the stairs beyond my control, I grabbed my hands to my neck and said in a deep growl, "Oh my God, I am going to be pushed!" immediately realizing what had just happened I backed away from the stairs and went back to the front desk where the owner was. She said, "What's the matter, you look pale, did something happen?" I said I want to know one think! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN THE STAIRWELL??" She asked why what happened? I said back to her, "just tell me." She said that "80 or so years earlier, a woman feel down the stairs and broke her neck and died."
I think what happened to me was the spirit is still there. She did not fall down the stairs, I think she was pushed to her death/murdered by someone in the stairwell and wanted that to be known. VERY CREEPY!

3. From guest:
A realtor in NY has a scary story to tell - she was showing a house which was for sale, but rented with a family living there, two sons, a man and a wife. She didnt bother to call before coming to the house, as requested by the tenants, just came through the front door and marched up the stairs and found herself, and the man she was with, facing a woman with a loaded .38 revolver demanding to know who the h* they were and what the he* they were doing in that house. The realtor stammered out an explanation. The woman of the house said she'd been asleep when she heard the door open and someone coming up the stairs so she grabbed her pistol. Dont know who the realtor was. They left quickly. But I was the lady with the loaded .38. From then on people called and asked if they could stop by.

4. From guest:
Back when there were "pioneers" in the Shaw/Logan area I showed an empty "shell" and found several empty needles stuck in what was left of the wood floor and saw someones shadow with what looked like a hammer held up over their head. Boy we took off fast. A client and I also had to rush to my place to shower off fleas that we picked up in an overgrown backyard. There is more. Once showed a home where 3 generations of women were all zonked out on heroin and admitted it to us while I showed their apartment in a building that was for sale.

5. From guest:
In 2000, I bought an old house in northern Tangipahoa Parish in Louisiana. My house was fine, but there was a house across the street that everyone said was haunted. It was previously ownedby a Dr. who did illegal abortions. There was some really creepy medical equipment in the third floor. He husband died and the owner sold it in 2003. Several people had died in the house, including children. They sold the house to someone who spent on night in it and the next day went to the realtor and demanded to resend the sale. He said there was dead people everywhere. He sued and won since it had not been disclosed at the act of sale. I understand that when a house has had a terrible violent incident like Amityville, they must disclose that too.

6. From guest:
we were at the whaley mansion in san diego. most haunted building in america certified by the federal goverment. my daughter was upstairs alone and something yelled at her to "GET OUT!" the same day my sister was in a room that i was not in. she said that i had put my hand on her shoulder. i was not even in the room. it was a where the gallows were used to hang people before it was a room. I am a realtor which has nothing to do with my story.

7. From guest:
I can do better than this. My business partner met an owner at a multi unit building to show it. When they got there, there were police cars around the building. When they had gone inside, there was one of the tenants hanging in the stairwell by a belt. Now that's a little more scary than finding a dead racoon...

8. From Tnreporter:
Not my idea of scary. A friend of mine and I visited a haunted plantation in Tennessee a few years ago. We both had quality cameras with us because we worked at a newspaper. We put new batteries in them just before we walked inside. Everything was fine as the owner showed us around. That is until we stepped inside a room that the owner said was particularly "active". My friend went first and the batteries immediately drained to empty. I walked in behind her and immediately began to sweat profusely and got sick to my stomach. She turned and saw me and pulled me out of the room. I was immediately better, no sweating, no sick stomach. There were many other strange happenings that night, but no room here to write them.

9. From scarymary:
I had just moved to michigan from Arizona to live with my boyfriend he lived in flat top part of the house we had stairs about eight feet high and a window next to the door and every other night I would hear footsteps like someone was coming to visit so then I would ran to window to see who was there. I couldnt believe everytime I would go see, there was no one there. Then one night when him and I where sleeping something grab my foot I woke up yelling and no one was there again and a week later at night when we were laying down at night we would here cans of food falling in our kitchen and when we got up to see our kitchen was clean nothing had falling, It was seem to happen at night and when we were going to sleep. If that wasnt bad other night we were falling asleep I was at the end of the bed and something or someone whisper in my ear I LOVE YOU, I started crying because my boyfriend was asleep. It seemed like it mostly happen to me but later my boyfriend started to hear different things also.This is to say the least of what happen to us. Thank GOD we moved!!.

10. From guest:
Two years ago , my sister went to buy a house and land . Anyways realtor wouldn't tell her if someone died in the house or not . She went on and brought the home . With in a couple of weeks , her daughter were on
the internet , did their own research and found out , the owner , he died in the house . Wow did that freak my sister out . She's never heard anything , but there's a smell in the basement , and they're not sure what it is .
They've cleaned that entire basement and to this day , no clue
of the smell .
I told her , that's why I brought a new home , this area , was an
farmer field for years .......
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