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Developers Too Hasty on Union Market Redevelopment Plan

On Monday, the Zoning Commission described development plans for Union Market to be "half-baked." While generally supportive of the project, the Commission said planning for the development needs more time. What the project is exactly is a new structure above the market building at Union Market and an addition to the building to the north of the existing market. The two additions would house an Angelika movie theater and 541,400-square-feet of retail and commercial space as well as office or residential space. For the project to be approved by the Commission, the development team will need to decide on whether or not the project will include office or residential space. If the team chooses residential, they hope to have somewhere between 100 to 115 units. If the developer does not get zoning approval soon, they may not be able to meet lease deadlines for the Angelika theater, which needs to begin operation by October 2016, according to the current contract. For now, a new hearing date is set for February 11.
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