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Washington, D.C. and Akridge Duke it Out Over Land Swap

There is only one more parcel that Washington needs to be able to plan the D.C. United Stadium, but it looks like Akridge isn't going to make it easy for them. According to Washington Business Journal, Akridge and Washington are "very far apart" on the price for a two-acre parcel of land. In November 2014, the stadium development received controversy for trading properties to Akridge undervalued by $11.2 million, while the properties attained were overvalued, creating a net difference of $25.7 million. If Mayor Muriel Bowser's administration don't reach an agreement with Akridge, the two acres will be seized through eminent domain for a judge determine a fair market value. The appraised value for the two acres was roughly $21 million. For now, Washington has until September to have the land they need for the project.

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