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Gigantic McMansion in the Arlington 'Burbs Seeks $3.6M

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Let's address the elephant in the room: these rooms could probably fit whole elephants. Gargantuan and expansive, this home is for those looking to make an upgrade from mansion to mcmansion. This seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom listing is located in Arlington and is perfect for anyone wanting to entertain, dance floor-included. Some of the many amenities include an indoor swimming pool as well as a home theater. Even the bathrooms are decked out in luxe glory with columns surrounding a bathtub and a shower that looks so complicated, you'll probably need a manual to figure out how to use it. For some homebuyers, some of the features in this listing may lean towards the tacky side, but for others, it may be the manse of their dreams. The asking price for the home is $3,599,999.

· 3120 Pershing Drive [Redfin]