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Despite Skepticism, Hogan Will Fund Red and Purple Lines

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On Thursday, it was revealed that Maryland Governor Larry Hogan will include funding in the state budget for the Purple and Red lines. Even so, it looks like the fates of both are still on the shaky side. The Purple Line project is estimated to cost around $2.45 billion, while the Red Line project is estimated to cost $2.6 billion. The state would pay around $300 to $700 million for each project, with other funds coming from local jurisdictions and the federal government, according to Greater Greater Washington.

According to Coalition for Smarter Growth Executive Director Stewart Schwartz, the Purple Line is a good move for Maryland in terms of job growth, foot traffic from commuters, and growth for the economy. Hogan, though, has shown skepticism about the project and has said in the past that he favored building highways over transit. In his campaign against former lieutenant governor Anthony Brown, he said that he was dedicated to reducing government spending in order to alleviate the $750 million state budget shortfall.
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