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Luxe Condos Built on Former Funeral Home Are to Die For

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Despite the macabre undertones of being located on the former site of a funeral home, homebuyers aren't being scared away from the units at Lionshead Condominium. On the contrary, people were already writing contacts to live in these homes before they were even on the market. You don't need to cut in line, though, to get a piece of this real estate pie as the nine units are now for sale with prices ranging from $499,000 to $625,000. Each unit features three bedrooms and two bathrooms and totals from 1,205- to 1,275-square-feet in size. Some of the amenities in the Lionshead Condominium development include walk-in closets, terraces, and bike storage. The development will offer on-site parking for purchase as well.

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