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At Last, There's a Bingo Card for Washington, D.C.

When you're in the people-watching mood or dealing with a slow commute on the Metro, sit down, relax, and enjoy a rowdy game of Washington, D.C. Bingo. Almost all of the points on our bingo game should be all too familiar with additions like "Tourist thinks the Mall is a shopping mall" and "Bikeshare rider wearing a full suit." We were inspired to create this game after the unveiling of Curbed Chicago's recent creation, titled "Dibs Bingo." Their Michael Conway-illustrated version is dedicated to the act of feuding for a parking spot. With our version, we hope to perfectly encapsulate all of a typical Washingtonian's day in 25 squares. For now, feel free to print out our bingo card and give it a whirl.
· Download your very own Washington, D.C. bingo card here.
· At Last, There's a Bingo Card for Chicago Parking Dibs [Curbed Chicago]