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Everything That Happened in D.C. Real Estate in 2014

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To celebrate the end of the old year and the arrival of the new one, we at Curbed DC put together a few posts to sum up 2014. Whether you're interested in looking at some real estate eye candy or celebrity findings, these are the articles you need to read to get caught up.

1) The Top 10 Biggest Developments to Watch Out for in 2015
2) The 15 Most Glorious Listings of 2014
3) The Top Eight Most Eyebrow-Raising Homes That Came Onto The Market in 2014
4) From Cat Pics to Nic Cage, the Best Washington Maps of 2014
5) From Jay Gruden to Donald Rumsfeld, The Year in D.C. Celebrity Real Estate
6) From Horror Stories to Marcin Gortat, 2014's Most Popular Posts
7) Washington Agents Sum Up 2014 in Real Estate