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You Have the Chance to Be VP Joe Biden's Next Door Neighbor

Sometimes, you don't want to live in the home of a celebrity; you want to live beside them, able to give them a friendly wave or unfriendly otherwise while taking a walk to one's mailbox for the day's newspaper. This fantasy is (once again) achievable with this Embassy Row estate on the market, next door to Vice President Joe Biden. With the current asking price of $3,995,000, the home has been on the market before, and we've covered it more than once. It includes some fancy features that come with its five bedrooms and six-and-a-half bathrooms like a home office wing and a library. The listing only came with one photo, but we were able to find a few more from 2011. We're unsure of how accurate they are to how the home looks now, but they should give some context on the inner workings for now.

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