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71-Unit Anacostia Development Gets Makeover

While the original design for this residential project was no ugly duckling, the new look is darker, sleeker, and more classic. In the before image, you can see that the building had white wood paneling with red accents, while in the after image, you can see dark grey paneling with red brick. Now that the design process is complete, the planned-unit development (PUD) has been filed. The project entails 71 residential units with 80 percent of them reserved for those making 50 percent of the area median income. The remaining 20 percent will be market-rate, according to UrbanTurf. UrbanTurf further reported, "Many of the units will be reserved for teachers and artists, and some of the apartments will be outfitted as live-work spaces." According to neighborhood activist and former Anacostia resident David Garber, this is the first multi-family residential project in downtown Anacostia. There is no timeline set for the project.

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