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Support Corcoran By Buying Fillmore School For $14M

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Now that the Corcoran Gallery of Art is kaput, George Washington University and the National Gallery of Art have to figure out which parts of the Corcoran to keep and which to sell. One property that's been put on the market is the historic Fillmore School on 1801 35th Street, NW. With an asking price of $14 million, or about $257 per square foot, the school totals to 22,860-square-feet on a 1.25 acre parcel of land. Any and all proceeds from the sale will go to renovations for the Corcoran Gallery of Art. If interested in the history of the property, it was named after the U.S. President Millard Fillmore. Originally, it served as an elementary school before it became the Fillmore Arts Center in 1974 and eventually a part of the Corcoran in 1989. If you're interested in putting up an offer on the property, you'll have to wait until late April.
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