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U Street Plans For Museum and Performing Arts Center Shaky

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Earlier this month, former Mayor Vincent Gray picked Sorg Architects and Roadside Development to team up for the Grimke School project, but after launching a news release on the mayoral website announcing the team, it was deleted. Now, since the proposal for the project is under Mayor Muriel Bowser's review for approval, it could mean that the project may or may not happen. The proposed plan for the space is for it to house the African-American Civil War museum as well as the performance groups, Step Afrika!, CityDance, Dance USA, and Imagination Stage. As reported by The Washington Post, the building will feature a black box theater, rehearsal space, and classrooms. The developers are also planning on constructing townhouses, a 30-unit condo building, and 3,500-square-feet of retail on U Street.

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