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Historic Bethesda Theater Hopes to Break Leg One Last Time

A home theater is pretty nice, but if you're a go-big-or-go-home kind of guy or gal, this listing might just peak your interest. The historic Bethesda theater building at 7719 Wisconsin Avenue is on the market with an asking price of $8.5 million. The 20,033-square-foot location is home to the Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club (BB&J), which has recently been struggling with issues like "opening costs, delivering quality service, cost overruns, and marketing," as reported by Bethesda Magazine. Despite generating $800,000 in ticket sales in its first year, the BB&J had to call it quits after landing so far in the red that it had to ask the county for $100,000 for sound and lighting equipment that vanished or was replaced. Other issues the venue has experienced include it closing down in 2007 after reopening as an off-Broadway theater with an $8 million renovation paid for by the state and the county. If you're not afraid of a little bad history with your real estate, though, you should know that the BB&J will have a 10-year lease with the building once the sale is made final.

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