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When You Want It So Bad, You'll Pay $500,000 Over the Ask

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It happens, sometimes. You want a home so much, and you're so tired of the bidding wars that erupt and leave you on the losing end of an offer. And so, the next time a duel for the life of your dreams arises for a challenge, you respond with your honor--and $500,000 more than the asking price. When faced with a home that you'd fight for, would you pull the trigger?

Georgetown is a beautiful neighborhood, and it can elicit a great deal of passion from residents and interested buyers.

To the point of ignoring the selling price and rounding it up to the nearest half mil. It happens. When you have a beautiful home on sale for $3.49 million, what's a little $510,000 but a fraction needed for the winning hand? For a six bedroom home that's sprawled on 5,000 s.f. since 1959, that's really just paying a little less than $100,000 extra per bedroom. Everyone will sleep easy in each of those dens of slumber. Winners, all.
· How one Georgetown home sold for $510,000 over its list price in just four days [WSJ]