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Eastern Branch Boys and Girls Club Redevelopment Proposal

There are few organizations deemed worthier than the Boys and Girls Club, and any organization that vows to fill the shoes of where it once stood in East Hill has big ones in which to establish its foundation.

Although DC bought the property for $20 million in 2010, the building is in need of repair as a result of the one-two punch of a closed Boys and Girls Club due to declining enrollment and rising costs.

The request for proposals has been issued, and special treatment is offered to developers who keep the three-story property intact for senior housing, though it's not actually a requirement to be chosen. Due to its location in the R-4 district, it could be a residence, church or school.

P.S. The building itself is not for sale. According to the WSJ, the winning team will have a 25-year ground lease with a maximum of 50 years with options.

Wondering about timing? A site tour and pre-response session will happen on September 17, and bids are due by November 20. The final selection of a development team is expected in February 2015, although the new mayoral administration will be a wild card played in this hand of the game. Remains to be seen.
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