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How Much For This Three-Bedroom Townhouse in Clarendon?

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It's time for another round of Pricespotter, the asking-price guessing game from Curbed. See if you can zero in on the price using a few factoids about the place in question coupled with a few listing photos. And hey, looking it up on Redfin isn't fair, guys.-Jenn Barger

What/Where: 3 BR/2.5 BA townhouse in Clarendon/Courthouse
Square Feet: 1,931
Homeowners Association Fee: $458/month
The Scoop: Clarendon is close enough to the city that calling it a suburb seems insulting. But this roomy 2008 townhouse does boast a bit more space for the bucks than you might get in D.C. There are gleaming wood floors on the main level, a showstopper master bath and lots of storage. Ready to guess? Take a look at a few more photos after the jump and then give us your estimates in the comments.