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Washington, D.C. Rallies to Host the 2024 Summer Olympics

We knew D.C. was mounting an effort to host the 2024 Olympics, and now the push is really official. A slew of local luminaries including the Caps' Ted Leonsis, chef José Andres and former mayor Anthony Williams just formed a leadership committee, Washington 2024. "In London during the 2012 Games, we saw how Olympic sport united communities and revitalized neighborhoods," said Leonosis at a press conference yesterday. "We believe our bid for the Games will serve as a powerful catalyst for community and economic development already underway across the region."

The bid's just-launched website,, aims to up D.C.'s rep for unity, diversity and game-hosting ability. At the center of the effort to garner support: Encouraging residents to snap selfies with their hands forming a "U" for unity, then Instagramming them with the hashtag #DC2024 or #Unity. (Also, perhaps, not telling any Northern European athletes how humid and gross July can be here.)

Washington, D.C. is among four finalists for a possible U.S. bid to host the games; Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. -Jenn Barger

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