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Need Interior Inspiration? Check Out This Mt. Pleasant Home

Get inspired by taking a peek at Apartment Therapy's most recent home tour, an emerald green and burnt orange rental in Mt. Pleasant.

The renters are roommates, and describe their home decor style as mixture of comfort and "open-air markets in foreign countries." This unique touch to their style accents every nook and cranny of the home. The walls of this 1,200-square-feet home are delightfully cluttered with an eclectic mix of cascading picture frames, glass chandeliers, and even a mounted bull's head. A table on wheels within the living room is composed entirely of recycled materials from a community forklift.
Despite there being no dishwasher or dryer, they make do with what they love, and they love a lot. In the end, what we're most impressed by is that almost every item in the apartment cost less than $100.

· Holley & Audrey's All the Pretty Colors Home [Apartment Therapy]
- Michelle Goldchain