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What $3,500 to $4,500 Rents You in Georgetown Right Now

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Georgetown, D.C.'s oldest and probably most iconic hood, isn't known for inexpensive rents. (Hey, "House of Cards"'s Congressman, er, President Frank Underwood bunks there! Plus it's one of D.C.'s hoods that has above-median rent prices.) But it is possible to live in "the village" for around $4,000 a month. Take a look at what's available, and pack your aspirations for higher office. -Jenn Barger ↑ Well, as President Underwood might drawl, "It's real nice that you can still rent a penthouse in Georgetown for $3,300 a month." This one-bed, one-bath, 1,020-square-foot on tony Prospect Street is all entertaining business downstairs, where an open floor plan, a black-on-white kitchen and lots of windows scream cocktail bash. Upstairs, there's a good-sized bedroom and a roof deck that also seems ready to party.

↑ A cool $3,400 per month can net you a two-bedroom house at 36th and S streets NW, in a quiet part of G-town that's close to Glover Park and the Safeway. The somewhat dreary photos (hey, your iPhone has a flash, people!) make it unclear of bedroom two is big enough for anything but a crib or dog bed, but the kitchen is updated and there's laundry, too. Still, though the listing claims it's a sizable 2,000 square feet, we're not convinced.