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Is No Parking for 132 Microunits In Blagden Alley 'Wishful Thinking'?

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The developers of a 132-microunit building in Blagden Alley have hit a snag at last night's ANC 2F Community Development Committee meeting when the commission did not agree to support the lack of parking in the redevelopment. Developers SB Urban say they can only fit eight spaces on the property anyway and it would require adding a ramp to a historic building, so why not go entirely car-free? There's a metro stop, a Circulator stop, several normal bus routes, 19 car-sharing spaces and two bikesharing docks within a quarter mile of the building, and SB Urban plans to build 42 bike parking spaces, a bike maintenance space in the basement, free CaBi memberships for new arrivals, ten communal helmets (editor's note: ewww) and a "real time transportation board" that would show bus arrivals and bikeshare availability.

However, ANC 2F decided that it was unrealistic to expect every single resident of the 132-unit building to be car-free. The committee will take up the issue again in October.

Meanwhile, here's some more info on the proposed development: The units, which all appear to be studios of 350+ square feet, will all come furnished. SB Urban is targeting car-free young professionals (obvi).

No Parking for 132 Microunits at 90-91 Blagden Alley: "This Is Wishful Thinking" [SALM]