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Latest DC Walmart (and 300 Apartments) Renderings Revealed

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It looked like it wouldn't happen for a while last year when the D.C. Council was considering a minimum-wage bill that seemed targeted at the retail giant but now a year later, the Capitol Gateway development is chugging along. The project includes 312 affordable apartments, 20,000 square feet of retail, and the city's third Walmart, which will include a "substantial grocery department" for this food desert.

A&R Development will break ground on the project by April 1 2014, and hand the Walmart site over to Walmart at the same time.

Capitol Gateway is just a third of a mile from the Capitol Heights metro stop, barely inside D.C. at all. But 30,000 cars pass it daily and A&R, and the city, are betting that Capitol Gateway becomes a real gateway to the city.

D.C.'s next gateway project, featuring Wal-Mart, to break ground in 2015 [Bizjournals]