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Absolutely Zero People Like Secret Service's New Security Plan

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Well, zero people outside the Secret Service itself, which is totally stoked about its plan to either screen tourists a whole block away from the White House or to just put up a whole bunch of new fences.

This comes in the wake of a fence-jumper Friday night who was carrying a knife and made it all the way into the front door of Obama's house, though he wasn't home at the time.

The media are now weighing in on these new plans, and nobody's thrilled about them.

"The Secret Service screwed up Friday night," wrote the Post's Petula Dvorak. "And now the Secret Service...wants us to pay for its mistake, to once again intrude on more public space and make suspects out of millions of visitors, residents and office workers who come near the White House every day."

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton: The streets surrounding the White House, including Lafayette Park, are "First Amendment protected areas."
Aaron Wiener: "The Secret Service didn't do its job properly on Friday. District residents shouldn't have to pay the price by losing yet another chunk of their city to security queues, bag checks, and the control of the feds."
Tim Krepp: "District and national leaders need to call on the Secret Service to think of other ways to protect the President."
Dana Milbank:: "Perhaps [the Secret Service] could build a moat around the White House and fill it with alligators. Uniformed Secret Service agents could pour hot oil on intruders who cross the drawbridge."
Petula Dvorak again: "Lock. The. Doors."

Well—all good suggestions/opinions. We're sure the Secret Service and White House will take them all under consideration and then do whatever they've already decided to do.

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