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"Tasteful" Edgewood Flip Hits Market for $595,000

This 3-bedroom, 3.5-bath rowhome in Edgewood (or "Realtor Brookland") just hit the market today. For under $600,000 you get 1,566 square feet, hardwood floors and exposed brick (a must-have, obvs), a finished basement and a back patio with room for two cars. According to the description it's a "tasteful renovation," and we have to agree. The photos show an emphasis on natural materials and a muted color palette. At 2420 4th Street NE (4th and Channing), you'll also be able to walk to Metro, Edgewood Playground, and, with a little more foot power, all the new stuff in Brookland like Brookland Pint and Brookland's Finest. No wonder realtors like to expand the definition of Brookland; everyone wants to be here.

This property was last sold barely two months ago for half what the flipper is asking now, but it'll likely be snapped up quickly, so don't wait.

2420 4th St NE [Redfin]