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Alexandria Convinces Boat Club to Move, Making Way for Pedestrians

You like boats, right? Ok, even if you're not the proud owner of a yacht that plies the waters of the Potomac, the renovation/relocation of the Old Dominion Boat Club in Alexandria has something for you. The ODBC is moving a block away, off prime Old Town King Street waterfront real estate, to make room for a pedestrian plaza with a 7,000-square-foot skating rink in winter. They're calling the new space Fitzgerald Square. In exchange for giving up the King Street spot, the ODBC gets $5 million from the city of Alexandria, which it's plunking into a new three-story building, renderings of which you can see above and in the gallery.

First look: Designs for the new Old Dominion Boat Club in Old Town [Bizjournal]