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Woodley Rowhouse with Park Views and Reagan-Era Rooms

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Though you might associate Woodley Park with mega hotels and mediocre restaurants, it's also a zone of stately townhouses, like this strangely chic circa-1965 find, a 5-bed, 4.5-bath four story (these things exist?) that could star in a Polanski or Bergman film. The gray brick facade is timeless, but many of the interiors smack of a Reagan-era renovation — a kitchen with faux-birch cabinets, a cell-like bedroom with disturbing floral wallpaper — and need updating, unless you're a diehard fan of "The Americans". Still, a well-groomed backyard (check out that hunky tree!) and living room with views of Rock Creek appeal, as does the price-per-square-foot: a bargainza $393 per. The art in the master bedroom and the dining room is rather chilly and awesome, so maybe it can convey? The sprawling (3,536 square feet) place is listed at $1,390,000. -Jenn Barger · 2131 Cathedral Avenue NW [Redfin]