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Millennials Like Arlington But Say the Rent's Too High

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[Photo by Flickr user Will Marlow]
A new, county-funded study polled younger professionals living and working in Arlington County, and came up with some telling stats. The survey of 400 people who identified themselves as Gen X or Millennial prefer bunking in Ballston (maybe because of all the rentals and restos) and count "feeling comfortable", aka safe, as a top reason for choosing the NoVa zone. They also claim that convenient public transportation — as in Metro's Orange Line — ups Arlington's appeal.

Not surprisingly, "Most young professionals in Arlington work for the government, in consulting, IT, or for a non-profit," say the authors of the study, interns for Arlington Economic Development. Respondents say they earn between $50,000 and $125,000 a year. Still, many find the rent too high. "I agree with people that say it's almost too expensive to live in Arlington," says Carrie Parker, 24, an architect living and working in the county, who was interviewed for the survey. "The rent that I am paying now is almost equivalent to a mortgage." -Jenn Barger

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