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The 2010 DC Design House Can Be Yours for $5.2 Million

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This 10-bed, 10-bath beauty, aka the Wirelawn estate, was taken over by 20 designers in 2010 as part of an annual charity event. Now it's on the market for $5.2 million. While the interiors have changed a bit since 2010, the current owners seem to have decorated (or at least staged) with taste, and they totally kept the flatscreen TV that Rosi Kallivokas installed over the stove. However, one change strikes us as a bit sad: it appears the owners have converted the room that was originally a ballroom (literally—you could have a full-on waltz party in there), then a conservatory, to a regular, albeit huge, living room. How much cooler would it be to have a conservatory? Heck, you could act out your own life-size game of Clue with a conservatory. · DC Design House [WaPo]
· 3911 Bradley Ln, Chevy Chase, MD 20815 [Zillow]