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The Most Expensive Listing in Washington DC is in Kalorama

It's known that the mere view of nature from a window can have a positive, serene effect on mood. Well, this property has green by the acre. And the buyer needs to have green by the million, because it's listed at $22 million.

This property is expansive, at 34,000+ s.f., spanning from S Street to Decatur Place. The interior space nearly 27,000 s.f., leaving spare room for the lush lawns and formal gardens that live outside to frame the properties. Perhaps it can be thought of as a bargain, because apparently, there are two landmark buildings included in this offer. Plus, there's a garage/former chauffeur's residence, which must count for a third option on where to sleep if so inclined. It's zoned R-1-B/D.

Built in 1914, this 10 bedroom, 11 bath property has certainly seen a wonderful history. And with 11 fireplaces, there are many fireside chats that are waiting to happen.

In 2012, it was assessed for $19,393,810.00.

They think it would be ideal "for an embassy, school, discerning individual," and apparently someone with the desire to live presidentially. On market since June 2013, it seems that this property is just as discerning as its future new owner.