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Neighborhood Dashboard Shows Stats: Commute, Income, Etc.

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Everyone has allegiances. Sometimes it's to the neighborhood you live in, and sometimes it's to the frustration you have in the neighborhood you want to leave. Other times, it's not clear. So this dashboard from Find the Best can clear all these murky feelings you have up, so you know how you feel about your hood's stats.

For DC alone, there are 171 neighborhoods to choose from. Northwest Washington comes up first, which has a pretty decent upper middle class income on average, a sizable number of people with a four-year degree, and an average commute time of 35 minutes. Hope it's a workplace that's worth the effort.

Compare that to Congress Heights, who has to suffer through an average commute of about 75 minutes. That's not a good morning to look forward to.

Comparing neighborhoods is also an option. There's even a housing section the comparison features, which breaks down rent levels on average, as shown here when comparing Dupont Circle to U Street Cardozo.

This tool is quite nifty to get a handle for the character of any neighborhood, so you can figure out where you want to be. And if you like what one neighborhood is reporting back, you can vote for it as the best. Is there a blue ribbon at the end of this contest? No, just fame and recognition. Which everyone really wants if there's no shiny blue ribbon to wear.

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