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Georgetown May Jump on the Micro-Unit Bandwagon

SB-Urban, the same developer bringing micro-units to Shaw and Dupont Circle have laid out the plans for their next round of miniature apartments -- in Georgetown. The site of this new project will be the current Latham Hotel, which admittedly, hadn't really been getting rave reviews in their hotel format. To refresh your memory, they were closed for a portion of 2013 due to excessive liquid damage and even in 2012 it was in enough disrepair, that some Yelp reviewers considered the place haunted. To be fair, by October, the space had already decided to rebrand. That said, the notoriously finicky Old Georgetown Board has not yet given final approval to this 140-unit project of 330 square foot walk-in closets apartments, so stay tuned to this space to see if the new plans get greater traction.

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