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Smithsonian Employees May Have to Stop Working in a Castle

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[Photo by Mr. T in DC]

In addition to being a gorgeous work of architecture that houses an underrated, secret garden, the Smithsonian Castle may be the coolest workplace in D.C. Sure, NPR has bees on their roof and other places have great views, but the folks at the Smithsonian Headquarters get to work in a freaking castle!

That said, they may not be there for long. The castle is currently undergoing repairs and a Smithsonian representative told Washington Business Journal that once the repairs are done, the staff will have to move. The same spokesperson says that there are no plans to purchase a new headquarters, although a recent audit shows that picking up a new space would actually save the institution some dough over continuing to rent across multiple buildings. Yes, the Smithsonian has staff in several leased spaces around the D.C. area, but what possible new headquarters could compete with a castle?
· Smithsonian may drop leased space, buy or build new headquarters [WBJ]