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Seven D.C. Homes That are Literally 50 Shades of Gray

The trailer for the film adaptation of omnipresent erotic novel 50 Shades of Grey has hit the masses and now Christian Grey might be even more unavoidable than he already was in pop culture vernacular. This is totally okay for only one reason: it gave us the opportunity to scour houses on the D.C. market that really like the neutral monochromatic look. There are several that literally try to bring fifty shades of gray into their decorating. Leave us a tip if we missed anything and enjoy the silvery walls and steely furniture in D.C.'s homes and condos.

↑ This three bedroom townhouse takes its love of the neutral monochromatic color scheme into its bathrooms and its basement. Admittedly, the basement is a lighter shade that borders on off-white. Plus, the exterior? Also gray. Ask has dropped to $1,750,000. [Estately]

↑ The steely aesthetic of this four bedroom home down the road in Georgetown even adds a touch of gray to those rooms that are clearly painted colors like green. Ask for this home is $1,425,000 with a $610 HOA fee since this home is in the Hillandale community. [Estately]

↑ There are a lot of natural elements like stone and marble in this three bedroom condo so those offset the gray furniture and paint a little bit. However, this place has a lot of fun with gray patterns on multiple rugs and bedspreads. Ask for this Truxton Circle place is $729,000. [Estately]

↑ The gray is so omnipresent in this two bedroom Columbia Heights condo the pale yellow bedspread is quite the accent. A lot of the gray here is significantly darker than in some of the other places. Ask is $745,000. [Estately]

↑ This three bedroom condo across the 9:30 Club might have fifty shades of gray on that kitchen island alone. And while gray wooden floors for the roof deck isn't uncommon, it's still appreciated in this case. This penthouse is asking $899,900. [Estately]

↑ This two bedroom Adams Morgan condo gets special point because of the gray patterns on the majority of their rugs. The living room carpet in particular looks like the rug version of awesome sheet metal. However, the gray goes off the floor and into the closet and bathroom here. Ask is $699,000. [Estately]

↑ This enormous six bedroom house runs the gamut when it comes to shading from the dark charcoal of the kitchen countertops to the nickel gray of the light fixtures and the very light gray on the bedroom walls. Also, theres's a lot of white furniture in this house which is really just one sweaty pickup basketball game or shedding puppy away from being gray itself. Ask is a whopping $2,395,000. [Estately]