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Upper Chevy Chase is Still Apparently a Hot Neighborhood

[Photo by Ted Eytan]

In January, the agents at real estate site Redfin puzzled trend watchers and not-so arbitrary listicle stalkers around D.C. by naming Upper Chevy Chase one of the ten buzziest real estate neighborhoods in the entire country. That pick of Upper Chevy Chase as a hot real estate market may have seemed somewhat surprising, but indeed real estate manager MRIS backed up that homes in that neighborhood sell quickly and Redfin has confirmed that it's still the fourth hottest market in the country. This seems to prove that walkability may be important to new homeowners but that the presence of good schools is even more of a factor.

What's more, Redfin agents have named North Capitol bordering neighborhood Eckington as a neighborhood that is heating up. Local agent Leslie White notes, "Prices tend to be lower than neighboring Bloomingdale and NoMa, which have seen significant developer activity in recent years." Indeed, when Curbed previously sought out the least expensive properties in Eckington and Trinidad, the search revealed several options at prices that were lower than in other areas.
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