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Here's Where D.C.'s Most and Least Expensive Rents are Found

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On Friday, we noted that while the rent in D.C. may still be too damn high, that the median rent in the city is not as high as it was at this time last year. There are actually about ten neighborhoods (most notably Bloomingdale, LeDroit Park and Woodley Park) that hover around the neighborhood's current median rental rate of $2,100/month but it's the sixteen neighborhoods notably above that rate that drive the city's numbers up. There are thirty neighborhoods in D.C. whose rents fall significantly below that rate. Without getting into a discussion as to whether there are really fifty-six neighborhoods in D.C. (and whether Woodley Park and National Zoological Park really needed to be split up), let's see how various D.C. neighborhoods fared in terms of rental rates. There are a few surprises.

Highest Median Rent in D.C.

Glover Archibold Park ($3,700/month)

Five Other Neighborhoods With Above Median Rent:

Georgetown ($2,900/month)

Foggy Bottom ($2,700/month)

Dupont Circle ($2,400/month)

H Street NE/NoMa ($2,390/month)

Columbia Heights ($2,340/month)

Lowest Median Rent in D.C.

Marshall Heights/Lincoln Heights ($900/month)

Five Other Neighborhoods With Below Median Rent:

Congress Heights ($1,050/month)

Anacostia ($1,200/month)

Takoma ($1,550/month)

Petworth ($1,760/month)

Mount Pleasant ($1,900/month)

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